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1000 Paths of Death - Practical effects, makeup effects, and props master.

“1000 Paths of Death” is a stand-alone short, proof of concept and the opening scene to the feature version. The film tells the story of Dr. Nava who spends 40 years searching a zombie infested Arctic wasteland for his missing wife, Claudia. The movie will be made to look like it was filmed in the 70s. A pitch deck is attached.

You can find samples of my other work in this style at

“1000 Paths of Death” and my three other short films are all made under the pen name, Juan F. Moctezuma II. The goal is to make a mockumentary about this fictional Mexican horror director from the 60s/70s. Here is an animatic for the scene:

We are looking for a practical effects artist/props master to assist with the scene. Some of the effects and props include, zombie make up, melting hands, a melting torso, a torch, and a fake riffle. The fun of this project is that since this movie should look like it was made in the 70s the effects do not and should not look real. They should look 70s campy.

This scene will be filmed over two days the weekend February 10th outside of Portland. We will provide transportation from a pick up point about 90mins from the falls at about 6:30AM, arrive on location at 8AM and film till about 4PM before returning.

The filming location is also out in the wilderness. We will have 4-wheel drive vehicles get us there, but then there is about a 15min hike to the location. Hiking and outdoor websites rate the trail as “moderate.” We will be sure cast and crew are comfortable, warm, well fed! Note there are no near by outhouses or bathrooms. We will follow the the no trace protocol to relieve ourselves in nature for those 8hr days. If you’re an outdoorsy person this will be an amazing adventure!

The rate is $100/day plus meals and transportation mentioned. Plus $200 prep time and materials budget.

If you’re interested please let me know. I’d be happy to chat more about the project. My goal is to locking a VFX artist before the holidays and then come back and start working in Janurary.

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