Written/Directed Films

Searching For Francisco

In progress, multi format

The past ten years I have been obsessively searching for any information and “artifacts” I could find related to missing, legendary Mexican horror director, Juan F. Moctezuma II.  

The story goes that while filming his first US production under Roger Corman, Moctezuma stole all the footage and disappeared.  To this day we have no idea what happened to him, or his movie, "Death Has 1000 Pathways".

Moctezuma inspired greats like del Toro, Rodriquez, Sam Raimi and more.  I have found props, old photos, different copies and version of his films and more.  I have travelled to the locations where his films were shot and his hometown.  I have been restoring his film as best I can and they are finding a new audience in festivals but now the time has come to start the final chapter (I hope!) in this ten-year journey/obsession, and find the missing legend.   
My crew and I plan to travel to Mexico and begin our quest to find Moctezuma II and, if he is still alive, find out why he stopped making films and disappeared.  Hopefully, he’s ready to make another film!



Pranked - Kung-fu

2019, Sony F5

Short film with student crew to model set etiquette and visual story telling.

We had the opportunity to work with professional fight choreographers for this one.

Pranked - Creep Show

2019, Sony F5

Short film with student crew to model set etiquette and visual story telling.

We did this one in they style of Creep Show (1982).

Deadly Embrace

2012, RED Camera

"Deadly Embrace" is a short film noir film about Robert, a man whose dreary life is shattered by the Argentine Tango and a dancer, Elena. Elena is a spicy strong woman who dances the tango and owns a dance hall with her jealous husband, Marcelino. Robert's passion for Elena and her life style are too much to heed her warning to 'STAY AWAY!' With his life in danger Robert must now choose between Elena and death or a life without her.

NOTE: There is nudity and sexuality in this film.


Screenings and Awards:

  • MOSTRA Film Festival Sao Paulo, Brazil 2014

  • Seattle True Independent Film Festival  2014

  • Cinefiliea Tanguera Film Festival, Argentina 2015



Finding Jane

2012, Canon 7D

A short about a man searching for his dream woman, 'Jane Austen'. When he can't find her using modern means, he looks elsewhere.






2010, 8mm

"Winter" is about a chain gang prisoner who desperately dreams for a break in the heavy meaningless work he and his gang endure. His wish and more is granted when his chain breaks.


Screenings and Awards:

  • Golden Hugo Runner up, 47th Chicago International Film Festival 2011

  • 13th Annual San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 2012

  • MOSTRA Film Festival Sao Paulo, Brazil  2014





The Recipe

2009, HD

A man looking for his mother’s 'perfect' pizza recipe is visited by a unique pizza delivery girl who offers him the recipe, her services as a chef and one other tempting offer that isn’t as wonderful as it appears.


Screenings and Awards:

  • Wildwood Film Festival, WI 2011




Near Miss

2007, HD

A story about the hardest question to answer, “What do I say to her?” A nameless traveler takes a vacation to New York City. During this trip an unknown woman continually crosses his path. He curiously and enviously watches as other interact with her, he is curious, frustrated and attracted to her comforting beauty. He fantasies about being “the one” to really connect with her, but lacks the courage to say anything to her and misses his chances except for one bit of luck. Now he has a choice to make, the beauty of the fantasy or the fear of reality.


Screenings and Awards:

  • Geneva Film Festival, IL  2007

  • Audience Choice Award, Chicago REEL Shorts Film Festival  2008

  • Illinois International Film Festival  2008

  • Wildwood Film Festival, WI  2008



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