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1000 Paths of Death - Casting call

Thank you for your interest in “1000 Paths of Death”

As a reminder this project will be filmed over two days the weekend February 10th. We will provide transportation from a pick up point about 90mins from the falls at about 6:30AM, arrive on location at 8AM and film till about 4PM before returning.

The filming location is beautiful, but it is also out in the wilderness. We will have 4-wheel drive vehicles get us there, but then there is about a 15min hike to the location. Hiking and outdoor websites rate the trail as “moderate.” We will be sure cast and crew are comfortable, warm, well fed! Note there are no near by outhouses or bathrooms. We will follow the the no trace protocol to relieve ourselves in nature for those 8hr days. If you’re an outdoorsy person this will be an amazing adventure!

The rate is $100/day plus meals and transportation mentioned.

This is a proof of concept for a feature, but at the very least will be a stand alone short. The pitch deck for the feature is attached.

If you’re still interested. Please contact Alaric at or and choose a 15min time slot for a zoom audition on:

Sat December 3rd between 2 and 4PM


Tuesday December 6th between 5 and 7PM

Sides will be provided.

Dr. Nava:

40 to 50 years old, Hispanic male. NOTE: For the feature film we are in the process of locking down Danny Trejo to play the role of the elder Dr. Nava. We are looking for a young Trejo look alike to play the young Dr. Nava. However, for these two scenes your face will be obscured, your voice dubbed by Trejo, and possibly a deep fake done for one shot. Therefore we are looking for a build and body type as close to Danny Trejo as possible. Dr. Nava had a great deal to do with saving what was left of the human race and creating a new civilization near the equator. Dr. Nava is one of the greatest scientists in human history due to his knowledge of science AND creativity. If anything, Nava is more of an artist than a scientist, and like many artists, a huge romantic. Nava sees the best in people whether they be humans, bandits, or popsicles at least for now.


Mid 20s to mid 30s, Hispanic male. All bandits in the film are feral-type humans. The line between their humanity and the frozen zombies (nick named "popsicles") is thin. In this scene they see themselves as having some harmless fun with a wild animal they've caught.


30s - 40s Caucasian female. The ice zombies in this world (popsicles) only survive in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius and, unlike traditional zombies are not killed with a bullet to the head, but fire to the heart! They behave like insects and are more powerful with their hive. Whether or not they have any humanity left in them is up for debate, but there’s always a moment before “death” that their blue zombie eyes return to normal before closing.


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