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artist statement

My musical background (BM music comp) has made me the filmmaker I am.  My sense of rhythm and creativity in editing, my subject matter, and my interest in music videos.  I am excited to collaborate with musicians and dancers.  I am in awe of what you do and since I'm not much of a dancer or composer I want to be a part of the music and dance via film.

I am interested in the process of filmmaking as well as the final product.  The goal in both realms is to connect with people on a more personal level. I aspire to make every production a lasting experience for my cast and crew.  The themes of my films address issues in the heart of each individual as opposed to each culture or country. To achieve this I am experimenting with different cinematic techniques as well as moving beyond the boundaries of the theater.


I look at each film as a child to be raised. We guide it to be the best it can be but in the end the film is it’s own being. The cast, crew and I are all parents and it is our innovative creativity as a team that allows us to make the film the best it can be. Director Terry Gilliam states, "I often think my ideas are mediocre until reality intrudes and improves them."  This philosophy creates an innovative and creative filmmaker with a balance between theory, practice and technical competency.

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