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actor demo reel service

As an award-winning director and instructor of film directing, I am proud to offer my services as a shooter, director and editor to actors looking for scenes to add to their demo reels.  After a free consultation, together we can create a scene that will feature your talents as an actor.  The location of the shoot will depend on the avalibility and resources from both of us.  If you require a scene written specifically to highlight your talents in a scene required for an audition or talent agent I can also write a scene tailored to your needs.  It is also possible to simply shoot the scene give you the footage to edit on your own at a lower price.


Scenes are one minute/one page long and shooting is at a max of 2hrs. Any special costumes or props will need to be provided by you.

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Services and prices

Direct & Shoot

Shooting includes basic lighting and lavelire mic'd sound for dialog.  Shooting will be basic and straightforward (I.e. basic shot reverse shot) in order to focus on getting the best performance out of you. Lighting will be used to enhance the mood of the scene but to keep the price down and focus on your performance we will only use a small 3-piece lighting kit.


Your scene will be shot on a Canon 7D HD 24p.  Raw footage is avalible immediately if you do not require editing.  You will need to provide your own drive for the take home footage.



Editing includes 3 rounds of changes.  A basic sound mix and significant sound effects will also be added.  The raw footage and final video will be avalible within one week of shooting.



If you require a scene with specific requirments I can write a unique tailored scene.  After consultatin with you the scene will be written within two weeks.


Supporting Actor

If you do not have an acting partner to work with you in the scene we can hire someone from my pool of acting talent (assuming they are available) to work with you in your scene.  


Makeup Artist

If you would like a makeup artist on set we can hire someone from my pool of makeup artists (assuming they are available).


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Lisandra Tena

Maribella, "Una mujer sin precio 1961"

Alaric is not just a director, he is like a musical conductor who will go to great lengths to realize a masterful composition. This isn't a mere simile, he even uses music on set to achieve a unity of style and bring forth superior performances from not only his actors but from his entire production team.

Miguel Núñez

Victor Junco, "Una mujer sin precio 1961"

"Working with Alaric has always been an invigorating experience. He is focused, professional, ambitious and a tremendous collaborator. On set he is always open to new ideas and willing to listen to you as an actor. He is the kind of filmmaker that loves movies, and his passion for the art form shows on the screen."

Elisa Dei

Elena, "Deadly Embrace"

Alaric is a wonderful director with a rare sensitivity and respect for the actors process. He guides the actors very intelligently through a rewarding process of discovery of the characters and the stories. I worked with him more than once and I really hope I'll get to work with him again and again in the future!

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